Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Tuesday lots of people turned out to watch the construction crews place the statue of the Angel Moroni on top of the temple in Brigham City. He arrived onm a flat bed truck, all wrapped up, and when he was finally lifted off the truck, a huge cheer and loud clapping greeted him.

The estimate several days before said there might be 15,000 people to watch, but it rained heavily and I would guess that there were about 4-5,000 people there. The rain set back the actual placement of the statue by about two hours, but it was still exciting.

The estimate is that the building will be ready next summer. It is nearly all enclosed, and will soon be weather-tight for the winter.

Last weekend we had a birthday for Hannah and Madeline (Maddy) Jeppsen (Kami and Chris's girls). We discovered that Hannah swings a bat left handed and swings pretty hard for her size and age. This picture shows her trying to break open the Princess Castle pinata. It took many more swings from all the little ones present before the pinata was separated from its candies.

Maddie took her swings, too, but I don't think she quite got the idea. However, when the candy started to fall from the pinata, she knew what to do then. The big kids were better at it, but with help from several of the moms, it eventually evened out.

We have known for several weeks that Kami is expecting, and yesterday she had an ultrasound. She is due in December and will be having a little boy. That will even out the grandkids at four of each. We are all very excited.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We had to really watch the kids because they not only wanted to find eggs, they wanted to pick the tulips. There aren't many flowers yet because it has been so cold and rainy. Now they say it will snow Friday! I guess we'll enjoy them while we can.
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Easter 2011

Five of the grandkids came to our house Sunday afternoon for a short Easter egg hunt. The little ones (Madeline and Grady) didn't care so much about finding eggs--they just wanted to run around outside.

We think they found all the eggs that were hidden. If not I guess we'll find them by smell later on. After the hunt, we all went inside and had our traditional ham and potato salad lunch. I though we made enough salad for an army, but since everyone like it so much there wasn't a lot left. I told them they could eat all they wanted, but cou8ldn't take any home. So of course Kami came the next day to get some of "her" potato salad.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Trip to Disney World

We spent the last week of March at Disney World in Orlando, Florida with Chris, Kami, Hannah, Maddie, Kelly and Malia. We had a wonderful time, but now I have to teach another year to pay for the vacation. You'll also notice I have posted a couple of pictures of the Spring Training game we went to at ESPN's Wide World of Sports

Roy Halladay was pitching for the Phillies and it looks like Chipper Jones is back for the Braves. Deb and I had no idea that everything was so spread out. The park is about 50 square miles and some days it felt like we walked every mile. Deb had an electric scooter, so sometimes she let me borrow it--BUT NOT MUCH. Some day it would be great to take our whole family on a vacation together. Don't know when, though.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miss Me??

I was looking at my children's blogs and noticed that I hadn't blogged anything for over a year.

Shame on me! I'm not guaranteeing anything, but I'll try to do better.

Last time I bragged about two new grandchildren, Maddy Belle and Grady. They are now almost fully grown. (Maybe not quite, but close.)
Here's a picture of the whole Larson clan last Christmas when JC and Carin brought their family home to Utah from Alabama. Note that there's another baby. Kamden was born in October of 2010. We're now up to seven grandbabies and holding. (As far as I know--I'm usually the last to know.)
Now I have remembered my password, the is more to come.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here we have our two newest grandchildren. Brady Robert Munns is on the left. He was born August 28. The little cutie in the bow is Madeline Belle Jeppsen, born July 13. They are both growing like crazy and getting better looking every day (Just like their grandpa!!).